So tomorrow is my 21st birthday. I used to love birthdays, mine would last an entire week, I’d drag it out as long as you and mum would allow. Now, I couldn’t think of anything worse than facing this day without you.. you were supposed to make a toast, and embarrass me, and make me […]

So I haven’t written in awhile. Not since I started counselling, but now I’ve finished my counselling for the year and feel the need to continue writing.. so here I am. Mum’s recovery has been a long and tiring yet inspirational journey. She spent weeks in icu and was then transferred to the rehab ward […]

People say that after a funeral you are able to start grieving and moving on and accepting. For me though, this wasn’t the case. I was so overwhelmed and caught up with my mum and where she was at that I couldn’t move on and I begged to have my dad with me to help […]

Okay so I know I’m in the middle of my story but I am so frustrated and angry at the moment that I just have to vent. How dare someone tell me to harden up? That its not that bad? To just get over it? People have absolutely no idea the after affects of an […]

For something that is so horrible to have to do, my dad’s funeral was absolutely perfect. It was probably the saddest most beautiful I have ever witnessed and I am so proud to be his daughter. Most of this day was a blur and I only remember bits and pieces.. but I will try my […]

Today would have been my dad’s 43rd birthday, but as you’d know if you read my previous blog, he’s not here to have birthday kisses, or a special birthday dinner with all of our family surrounding him and celebrating with him. Instead, I went to visit him in his place of rest and took him […]

So I’m writing this blog because I honestly have no idea what to do or where to go when it seems like everything has hit rock bottom. I’m not sure if anyone will even read this or if I even care whether they do. I’m writing this for me, for my sanity. I guess I’d […]